How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Like a sister you're there for me

As helpful as a mother you comfort me

You play and run like you're my daughter

As faithful as a dog; but hating the water


But you're also wild like a panther in the jungle

Unstoppable like an eagle catching his prey

An unbreakable mind doing a lot of bungle

As free as a gull sealing over the bay


How do I love thee

You want to know

Like gulls love the sea

And gnats love the glow


That's how I love thee

My sweet little kittie

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    kirstin (Freitag, 14 Dezember 2012 22:21)

    Mega cools gedicht!! :) han gar nöd gwüsst, dass du jetzt au englischi gedicht schriibsch!! :)